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Your car will look brand new after detailing

Detailing or detailing for cars is a technique or set of techniques that contain actions such as thorough cleaning and rejuvenation of the different surfaces of the car, also providing protection to the vehicle.

What does detailing consist of?

This is a fairly thorough and dedicated cleaning process in which the correct products must be used, in combination with the precise products that do not damage the surface and materials of the car.

Removing dirt from the car is simple, but there must be a balance between the correct dose of the products to be applied and the technique.

The shine of a vehicle is more difficult to obtain than it seems and for this it takes a little more knowledge.

When we talk about rejuvenation in detailing we talk about a process in which the new appearance of the car is recovered.

This is done through a series of steps to be applied in strategic areas such as seats, vinyl, rubber, plastic, acrylic, among others, and is usually done using the polishing technique.

As a final step comes the protection that is carried out in order to eliminate the damages that are produced by the continuous use of the car, the passage of time, added to changing climatic conditions.

It is a continuous process, like the waxing process that prevents the surface paint from rusting. Areas such as the seats are also treated so that they do not crack and deteriorate.

In short, detailing is a technique that advances at the same pace as the new products that come onto the market and that allow an increasingly optimal result.

Origin of detailing

This cleaning process has its origins in the United States and is in charge of always looking for the vehicle to be in the best possible conditions.

The use of specific products and techniques for cleaning cars was something that was gradually implemented and that later ended up leading to one more step: detailing.
Steps to perform car detailing

Detailing is a complex process that consists of a series of steps that will be explained below.
body wash

First, the excess dirt must be removed from the bodywork, with a little water. This process is simple and is done with a pressurized water hose.

Subsequently, using a sponge, a little water and a little soap, the entire surface must be rubbed vigorously, removing all the dirt from both the bodywork and the tires.

After that, the soap should be removed with plenty of water so that the paint is not damaged and there are no marks. In this step, a special towel should be used to avoid damaging the paint.

After drying, external contaminants must be removed. For this, a clay bar must be used, which eliminates all the remaining pollution in the bodywork that tends to accumulate on the surface.
polishing or paint correction

This is the step that will bring out the shine on the bodywork. The idea is to use the correct product, in addition to a polish and a polisher, which allows the finish to be ideal for highlighting the finish.
Sealed and waxed

It is a process with which the protection of the paint is sought, in addition to providing a very striking shine.

This process must be done with a special wax, with an applicator and when it dries, it will be removed with a special cloth.

After cleaning the bodywork, it will be necessary to tackle the internal cleaning of the car, so that it is not only new on the outside but also on the inside.


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* Hand Wash
* Spray Wax
* Wax & Clay
* Interior Detail & Dressing
* Full Interior Detail & Shampoo
* Engine Cleaning


* Complete Detail
* Interior Ceramic Coating
* Polish & Ceramic Coating
* 1 Step Paint Correction
* Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating
* Full Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating


* Headlight Restoration
* Ceramic Coating Wheels Face
* Ceramic Coating Wheels
* Ceramic Coating Trimd
* Windows Tint

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